Founder & Executive Director MMF
Leila is a passionate and dedicated Founder and Team Leader of Mending Minds Foundation, a prominent Mental Health organization committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals, communities, and organizations. With a profound commitment to Mental
Mental Health Experts Lead
Mr. James Karani Muraguri is an innovative and energetic professional with over 15 years of experience in counseling and supporting individuals and groups to promote optimal mental and emotional health. His expertise spans a broad
Certified Life Couch & Counsellor
Terry McElvanna is a resilient and certified Life Coach and Counselor, in United Kingdom, a survivor of brain injury and PTSD, and a passionate Mental Health advocate. With a deep commitment to creating awareness, addressing
Communications & Administration
Maulhayat Muktar, also known as Sabrina, is a dedicated Mental Health advocate with a strong passion for creating safe spaces to address mental health matters and combat the stigma associated with it. In addition to
Psychiatrist and Mental Health Coordinator
Millicent Majuma is a dedicated and experienced clinical officer specializing in psychiatry, with a deep passion for effectively supporting individuals facing mental illnesses. With over a decade of experience as a general practitioner and more
Community Volunteer and Mental Health Advocate
Yonis Gwanipa is a dedicated community volunteer with a profound passion for psychoeducation, community empowerment, and addressing substance misuse. His commitment to youth engagement and mental health support has not only earned him extensive referrals