It involves the professionals’ Psychiatrists,Therapists and psychologists who pay yearly; an amount of KSH 10,000 /1000USD and their advantage is, being featured on our website for people to reach out for consultancy, our first choice of expertise for people having Mental Health illnesses or difficulties and our panelists and expert in our numerous activities for our events/trainings.

It involves therapists, psychologists, Professional counselors , and clinical social workers. Ksh 5000/5Usd yearly fees::

Advantage; Involvement in our all our activities and 2nd  priority on expertise referrals, Mental Health courses and Training opportunities.

It involves any personnel in different professions, with an interest in Mental Health  An amount of Ksh 3000 yearly 5% off our Mental Health awareness training programmes , Opportunities in the foundation as a Mental Health advocate/ Volunteer.

It involves individuals seeking Quarterly Mental Health resources Ksh 2500  yearly fees.