Mending Mind Foundation


MENDING MINDS FOUNDATION  is determined to increase Mental Health literacy to communities, individuals, primary carers,  organisations and  Media Houses on reporting guidelines on Mental Health and Suicide  Prevention.

Mending Minds foundation creates safe spaces for Mental Health conversations by improving understanding and providing an action plan that creates awareness, promotion and prevention for people to
safely and responsibly identify warning signs of Mental Health difficulties/crisis.When more people are aware of Mental Health more people can get to the help they need and many lives can be saved.  Each and everyone of us has a role to play in preventing suicide and Mental Health awareness.If an individual has skills they need to reach out and provide initial help ,they can easily identify  developing  Mental Health problem/difficulty or substance use problem.

Mending minds reduces the risk for mental health problems which and  has become major problem, through our awareness, promotion and prevention programmes to stop stigma and discrimination surrounding Mental Health.


We believe that everyone regardless of their social, cultural, religious, political, sexual, or other affiliation deserves help and intervention when going through a mental crisis at any point in their lives.

Mending Mind Foundation About us
4 in 5 Kenyans who died by suicide either had Depression at the time of their death
Likelihood of men dying by suicide compared to women
Kenya position in Africa in depression prevalence with 3M cases
Mending Minds Foundation About us
Mending Mind Foundation


To promote wellbeing ,compassion ,acceptance ,respect, accessibility, sincerity and empowerment.

Mending Mind Foundation


Committed to the wellness of individuals, communities  and organisations through prevention, awareness, intervention and empowerment.


Towards the community we serve;
Of everyone’s right to compassionate care.
Of everyone’s unique path towards their own healing.
For everyone communities to be educated and to have a voice and participate in their loved one’s care.
In how we treat each other every day.
In how we treat each other every day.

Our Mental Health awareness programmes.

Our  programmes implementation, which includes trainings , gives people the skills they need to reach out and provide initial help, professional help, access to affordable  or free Mental Health services.We also offer reliable Mental Health Resources ,tools ,interventions, psychosocial support, empowerment among other needs in diverse settings.


More than 5 million people across Kenya and beyond to be trained on our Mental Health awareness programmes .

Who we target.

Organisations, Caregivers, communities, community leaders,GBV survivors,PWDs,People with Mental illnesses, rescued children and teenagers, people in recovery, marginalised communities ,intersectional groups and other vulnerable groups.

“When someone is struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, or other Mental Health conditions, family members are not sure what to do.”

It gives you the skills you need to identify – and ultimately help someone in need. Prevention, promotion and awareness  of Mental Health is just as important as important as physical health.

First Aid for mental health is just as important as first aid for your bodies


  • Awareness to the society  on how to identify, understand and respond to warning signs of Mental Health difficulties.
  • Sensitise communities, organisations on how to recognise mental health problems
  • Stop stigma and discrimination against people with mental health problems
  • Provide support by connecting  individuals to appropriate help.
  • Minimize delay to professional help by identifying Mental illness patients and directing them to where they can get help.
  • Provide Community-based support groups that will  build strong communities and offer support.